She graduated with honours from the Greek National School of Dance (KSOT) in 2015. During her 3-year studies in KSOT, she was involved with choreography, creating short pieces in and out of the school context. In 2015 she creates “Sharing Moments”, a piece for 12 dancers where she explores the notion of energy and individuality inside the group while experimenting with the motion of spinning tops.

In June 2016 she made her debut as a young choreographer with “Sync”, a work for nine dancers. That same year, she also co-choreographed and performed the duet “Rapport” as part of the collective performance “Sextet”. With her work “Sync” Anastasia was selected from the Aerowaves network as one of the 20 most promising emerging choreographers in Europe for 2017. “Sync” was then performed at Spring Forward 17, Denmark and at the Athens and Epidaurus Festival.

During her postgraduate choreographic studies in the International Choreographic Exchange (I.C.E.) Program at the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (SEAD), she choreographed “Aether”, a piece for 8 dancers which was presented as part of the New Faces New Dances Festival 2017 in Salzburg. She also performed the duet “Dimensions of a memory” as well as a short performance titled “By the means of a Body” -based on the work of Nevin Aladag “Five Stones Game”- at the Salzburger Kunstverein.

In 2018, she performed in “La Creation du Monde” with Flux Laboratory and choreographed the solo piece “Body Monologue” which was presented at the Arc For Dance Festival 2018 in Athens. She has also worked with the National Theatre of Greece as a movement advisor in the production of “Peer Gynt”. In 2019, she co-created with Mina Ananiadou the “Verge” project and collaborated with Kyriaki Nasioula and GesamtAtelier on the performance “Ithaca: upon every arrival”. She participated in the educational program “What if we just dance?” by Stella Fotiadi and created her latest piece “DisJoint” on February 2020 for the Onassis New Choreographers Festival 7.

For 2020-2021 she received the ARTWORKS award and participated in the 3rd SNF Artist Fellowship Program. She keeps creating, performing and teaching contemporary dance.

The world of motion: the universe.

I compose movement that derives from thoughts, senses and fantasies.
Focusing on the research of motion and the possible enrichment of dance language, I propose the body as the main mean of expression and communication. The “pure” movement and its elaboration consists of a way of thinking and a method of observation, before any intention of narrative or plot, while it abstractly approaches the concept of collectivity (achievement or disintegration) and its possible manifestations within a choreographic structure.
During our chaotic era which is oriented towards information and not empathy, I dedicate myself investing in the power of the body and the knowledge it carries, reconstructing the versatility of movement and exploring its new possible horizons.